Monday, September 26, 2005

Shifting televisions

We've just upgraded to Digital Cable. As a result, we no longer get a number of the channels that I used to watch history programmes on. I'm not worried about UKTV Documentary, as their programmes come round to UKTV History, and Discovery Channel only had Time Team that I was interested in, and even that seemed to be just repeating itself. But I shall miss the History Channel, which when it wasn't doing Nazis and murderers could show some interesting programmes (mainly from Channel 4's output). I could have these, of course, but to get The History Channel I'd have to take the total package of channels, and it's not worth it for the full range of channels I have no interest in watching (like the chance to ignore Living TV three times a day).

Still, BBC Four and UKTV History will compensate, I'm sure, and maybe one day Telewest will see the advantage of offering packages that just have all the factual channels wrapped up together. Or is that not what consumer choice is supposed to be about?

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