Sunday, April 28, 2024

Upcoming MANCENT and LRAC events


I've got quite a few events coming up. I've just started a MANCENT course on the Trojan War. We're coming up to week 2, but you can still book for the whole course and get the recording of week 1. You can also buy a ticket just for this week's session

I also have a couple of myth walks, one along the South Bank on 8 June, and one down Pall Mall to Hyde Park, on 15 June. 

The full MANCENT summer programme is here.

I'm also doing another Roman London walk for LRAC on 1 June.

Finally, these are the last few days for Eastercon members to catch up on recorded sessions they missed. These include me talking about Mercury, horror in antiquity, unusual methods of transport, and Stanier locomotives, plus lots of other people being interesting. Catch-up expires 30 April.

Friday, April 12, 2024

The Trojan War: Myth and history?


The so-called 'Mask of Agamemnon', a gold funerary mask from Mycenae, c. 1550-1500 BCE, now in the National Archaeological Museum, Athens. It depicts a flattened bearded male face, with his eyes closed.
I have a new blog post up on the MANCENT blog, about the 'history' behind the Trojan War. This is to do with my upcoming course on The Trojan War, for which you can book tickets here.