Friday, April 15, 2005

Well done British Museum Friends Magazine - not!

The British Museum has had on loan for a month the Spinario, a first-century BC Roman bronze, usually in the Capitoline Museum. According the British Museum Magazine, the publication for the British Museum Friends, it was on display until April 15th, along with the BM's own Castellani Spinario.

The Spinario.

Castellani Spinario.

So yesterday, my girlfriend Kate and I went to take advantage of the late opening of the galleries. We headed in the direction of Gallery 23, the entrance foyer to the Classical galleries, which I thought was the most likely place to for the exhibition to be taking place. And found it was screened off. With sinking heart, I looked around the side of the screens, to see the marble statue. And next to that, an empty stand. And behind that, a crate.

Checking on the BM's website today, I discover that everything there states that the Spinario was only on display until April 14th. If I'd know that, I'd have made the effort to go earlier. (Though given that it was already crated up by 7 pm, it can't have been on display for much of the 14th.)

Not best pleased.

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