Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I found this image in the Bridgeman Education database.

The database tells me that it is of Mercury, from Pompeii, now in the Naples Archaeological Museum, is in the Fourth Style of Pompeian wall-painting, and dates to the first century AD. What it doesn't tell me is which house in Pompeii it's from, and I can't find this painting illustrated in any of my books on Pompeii. Googling isn't producing anything. Anyone out there know?


El llano Galvín said...

I'm a spanish man interesting in Pompeii. This painting, discovered during the XVIII's century, comes from a unknown house or probably from a shop's faÇade. It's imposible locate in a certain house.
I'm sorry for my english. Cheers!

Tony Keen said...

Thanks, that's very useful.